P S Rolls (P) Ltd

P S Rolls manufactures rolls, roll assemblies, forged work rolls, back up rolls..... For a complete list of products, please refer the products page.

Process Undertaken:

We have complete backup for the turning of rolls. We have turning capacity from 25mm diameter to 1000mm diameter on different kind heavy rolls turning machines.


  • High Frequency :- 30KW max., case depth of 2mm
    Capacity: 50mm dia x 900mm length
  • Medium frequency:- 200KW Max., case depth of 5.9mm
    Capacity: 500 mm dia x 4000mm length.
  • Roll Hardening Machine: 1000KW case depth 25-30mm
    Capacity: 1000mm dia x 6000mm length


  • Gas carburizing Furnance: 600mm dia x 1200mm length
  • Oil Tempering: 1500mm x 1500mm x 6000mm
  • Electrical Heated Tempering: 600mm dia x 5000mm length
  • Hardening & annealing Furnance: 1200mm dia x 5000mm length.


  • Roll Grinding: 1000mm dia x 5500mm length
  • Cylinderical Grinding: 450mm dia x 2500mm length
  • Cylinderical Grinding: 300mm dia x 2700 mm length
  • Cylinderical Grinder : 250mm dia x 800mm length
  • Centerless Grinding
  • Internal Grinding


  • All calibrated instruments for diamensional inspection.
  • Electronic Hardness Tester portable type for hardness inspection.
  • Magna flux MPI for crack detection


  • Packaging to suit all climates and transportaion.
  • Rigid for longer duration
  • Cold Rolling Mill Rolls, Hot Strip Mill Roll, Aluminium Mill Rools, Continuous Caster Rolls, Plate Mill Rolls, Tube Mill Parts, Earthmovers Parts, Machine Tools Parts, Processes Undertaken, Heat Treatment Furnances
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